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RMA Martial Arts & Fitness

Get in shape, build confidence, change your life

At RMA Martial Arts & Fitness we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most professional training atmosphere possible. We provide cutting edge martial arts, fitness and self defense classes for students of all ages and all fitness levels. We promote physical fitness and martial arts training in a safe, fun, family friendly, and positive atmosphere. Our greatest responsibility is to inspire, motivate and equip our students for a better life through martial arts and fitness training, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude!


At RMA Martial Arts & Fitness, we stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few of the advantages of our martial arts training that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Focus

    Amid the distractions of social media and the demands of modern life, martial arts help you refocus.
  • Self-defense

    Martial arts is one of the best forms of self-defense training. Come see what the hype is about!
  • Confidence

    Our martial arts training will help you feel strong, supported, and successful. Join and watch your confidence soar!
  • Strength

    At RMA Martial Arts & Fitness, we create resilient martial artists that are strong in mind, body, and spirit.


  • The owners, trainers, and other students are supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I look forward to every class each week and would come to class at RMA every day if I could!

    Rachel I.


  • You'd be hard pressed to find martial arts studio owners and instructors as great as Sylvia and George.

    Karen Luks


  • These people have a dedication to their business, love for their clients and competency that is rarely found (especially all 3 together) in the Martial Arts and Fitness space.

    Scott S.


  • Our kids have benefited from the focus, strength, self-control, perseverance, and character emphasized in their training.

    Jude and Judy Doe


  • My son starting attending a year ago and it’s his one activity that he has consistently stayed with. What I appreciate most about this place is the sincerity of the instructors.

    Franchesca G.


  • If you want your kids to grow as a person this is definitely the place! RMA treats all of their students like their own

    Zoey Cheers