What People Are Saying About RMA

RMA has been amazing for my 6-year-old son. He is reticent about extracurricular activities, but Sylvia has created an environment where he has thrived, built confidence, and can’t wait to get to class! I’ve heard great things about RMA for years. Turns out, they’re all true! – Miriam Gershow

We have had our daughters at RMA for Kung Fu for 6 years. They have learned coordination, perseverance, balance, strength and self defense. But they have also picked up confidence, self esteem, teamwork and courage. We have recommended RMA to other families over the years, many whom have had these same great experiences. We will continue to recommend RMA even after our girls have moved on to some other interest (which I don’t expect anytime soon). – Rhonda Zimlich

We love RMA! My son starting attending a year ago and it’s his one activity that he has consistently stayed with. What I appreciate most about this place is the sincerity of the instructors. I can tell that they genuinely love what they do and work hard to make this enjoyable and respectful for the kids in their classes while staying true to their mantra of the “right mental attitude.” I would completely recommend them to other families! – Franchesca Galindo

“RMA owners, staff, and advanced students who help with classes are fantastic. I’ve experienced them as a parent (of two kids enrolled) and as a student (of the adult kung fu class). They are experienced, supportive, and teach in an age-appropriate and goal-appropriate way, regardless of the class content. Students driven to learn and excel will be supported and challenged with more advanced kung fu content; less goal-driven or focused students get more all-encompassing support around kung fu as well as focus, attention, respect…again, in an age-appropriate way that is fun for everyone. Adult and kid classes are fun even when they’re really hard and workouts are varied so that everything is covered and reviewed over time,. Kid classes end with one of many games that the kids clearly love (and don’t even realize helps them with strength, agility, focus, or speed!). Especially with the Kung Fu classes, instructors focus on character and behavior in the context of class and outside of it (e.g., school/home, peers/parents/siblings) as well as healthy habits. Sylvia and George (owners) also walk the talk in that they respect their students and families. They truly engage with students on and off the mat and they recognize that families are busy, have different priorities and interests, etc. I was most impressed when they explicitly talked with the kids about the beginning of the school year being a time of adjustment. They acknowledged kids might be too tired to come to kung fu class or they might have a really hard time when they are in class, but that they can tell the instructor that and just try their best and everyone would understand. This was a good lesson for the kids about knowing themselves and their bodies and a great reminder for all the parents listening too! I also appreciate that there is some flexibility to accommodate summer, family vacations, and changing sports seasons. All in all, it’s a GREAT place to be… regardless of your age, fitness ability or specific interest.” – Mari

“When I need a good workout for my family and myself (my wife competed in Karate for a Major University and I am a former National Record holder in Track & Field) we always look to RMA. These people have a dedication to their business, love for their clients and competency that is rarely found (especially all 3 together) in the Martial Arts and Fitness space. They also practice what they preach (super important to me).” – Scott S.

“I can’t say enough about RMA Martial Arts and Fitness! There is no better place to get in shape ( I loved the Women’s kickboxing class) or learn self-defense. The owners and teachers are without question the most knowledgeable and caring you could possibly ask for in this kind of school. My daughter achieved her black belt under their watchful and excellent training. All I can say is try them out and see for yourself!” – Deb R.

“RMA continues to be my #1 place to go for fitness. Every single workout is challenging but fun because George and Sylvia mix it up all the time. Never boring. It’s only 1 hour so why not push yourself to the limit. You’re constantly encouraged to do your best but also care is taken if you’re injured. A room full of gals running, jumping, kicking and punching is infectious. There’s great camaraderie amongst everyone, always pushing each other, pats on the back. Come and join us!!!” – Kim W.

“My daughter has been taking Kung-Fu here for several years now.  And she is progressing well with her studies (blue belt).  However, I actually think that is secondary to how this is shaping her character.  What else is she learning about?  Commitment, respect, compassion, honor, dedication, diversity, and the list goes on.  I would recommend George and Sylvia to all parents looking for a positive learning experience for their kids.” – Andrew K.

“I’m entering my 9th year as a student at RMA Martial Arts & Fitness in their Krav Maga class.  If anyone is looking for comprehensive reality based self defense, look no further.  The instructors have the extensive experience, longevity, and dynamic teaching abilities to get you ready for all levels of defense-from building your self confidence and boundary setting to the techniques needed to physically defend yourself and your loved ones from hand to hand, knife and gun attacks.  Plus, you will get an awesome workout to boot! What makes RMA so special is the inclusion each student feels when they walk through the door–I’ve heard time and again that RMA becomes family to them.  Some of my best friends and mentors have come from this incredible group of people.  Come join us!” – Leslie P.

“I love RMA!  I’ve been participating in the KickBox Fit and Krav Maga programs for the past few months and I have learned so much.  The classes are well-organized and manage to fit a lot of information into each session while avoiding being overwhelming, even for new students.  I had very little martial arts experience when I began at RMA, and always felt completely welcome to ask questions and learn at my own pace.  The owners, trainers, and other students are supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable.  I look forward to every class each week and would come to class at RMA every day if I could!” – Rachel I.