Adult/Teen Kung Fu

straight sword Jian Demonstration team

Shaolin Temple is believed to be the birthplace of modern martial arts. It is the style of martial arts you see on most tv shows and blockbuster movies that showcase graceful, powerful, circular movements and flowing weapon routines.

Traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu is made famous by the Shaolin Warrior monks that tour the world and appear in the media and youtube videos. They recently made a decision to open up this ancient art and national treasure and share it globally. It is in this decision we can now access and study the art of the Shaolin Warrior Monks!


  • At RMA Shaolin Kung Fu you will learn:
  • Balance and Control of your body
  • Coordination, speed, power, explosiveness
  • To control your mind and relax your body through exercise and breathing
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • To be part of a positive, dynamic family
  • Virtues: the foundations of our lives and spirit
  • To use a graceful, powerful array of traditional weapons such as:
  • Staff
  • Broadsword
  • Spear
  • Straight sword
  • Whipchain & more!
  • Taught by instructors who love and are committed to the art.
  • Upon joining, you will receive:
  • A Traditional Shaolin Uniform, Workbook, and the guidance you need to reach your potential in this incredible art!
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