Student Creeds

All Sash Levels (Ages 4-9)

  • I promise to be a good person. To put knowledge in my mind. To put honesty in my heart. To put strength in my body. And to make good friends.

All Sash Levels (Ages 10-14)

  • I will develop myself in a positive manner, both mentally and physically. I will develop positive life skills in order to bring out the best in myself and others. I will never use martial arts to abuse or offend anyone. I will do my personal best in this class. RMA!!


  • I am Focused. I am Strong. I will grow wiser and stronger, because I Respect and Listen to the ones who bring to me Wisdom, Strength and Knowledge. My parents and teachers.


  • My goals are to have good Goals, good Grades, good Thoughts and Self-Repect. I know this takes Hard work and Commitment.


  • I know what Self-Discipline is, I know what Responsibility is, I know what Appreciation is, I know what Humility is, and I have them all.


  • I am not learning how to fight here, I am learning how to learn, and how to defend. If I am ever forced to defend myself, I will defend to win.


  • I know that what someone says does not make it so. I will not let words, good or bad, dictate my actions because I have nothing to prove to anyone. If I am descended upon, I merely have to move or go around the aggression. If they block my way, I have no choice but to go through it.

Black (1st level)

  • There are Individuals, and there are followers. I have learned that when someone says of does something just because they want to impress someone, they are victims of peer pressure. They are followers.