Kids Kung Fu 5 & 6 years



Children between the ages of 4 to 6 are in a stage of their life in which they will build certain behaviors and characteristics based on their environment. The problem is, if they are insufficiently exposed to positive qualities and skill-building activities during this time, they tend to need more training, reinforcement, and discipline later in their adolescence. The solution is to get your child into positive activities when they are young, so that you can help set the foundation for their growth and development throughout their entire childhood.

Martial Arts is more than just Kicking and Punching


Some people don’t have a full understanding of what martial arts is all about. If you ask an untrained person what their definition of martial arts is, the response is typically something with a focus on kicks and punches. In the Future Kidz classes, the emphasis is on a deeper layer of martial arts training, which includes the overall development of the four important life skills categories: physical, intellectual, emotional, and social. (class schedule)


In this preliminary martial arts program, each child will experience training that targets the skills that are currently in their development; skills including large and gross motor skills, behavior development, and character development are the primary focus. Age-appropriate exercises, life lessons, martial arts drills, and games were developed to build these skills. You won’t find a more age-specific program that maximizes results like the Future Kidz Prep Course, we guarantee it! The Future Kidz Ages 5 & 6 Between pre-school and early elementary education, children are building 8 basic fundamental skills including focus, teamwork, control, memory, balance, discipline, fitness, and coordination. Studies have shown that these 8 skills are developed the most within this age group, which increases the child’s growth and development dramatically.

You Won’t Find More Comprehensive Programs that Generate Proven Results! At RMA Martial Arts & Fitness, we believe that the proof is definitely in the training.  We want you to see for yourself how the Kung Fu Kidz Zone programs have helped tens of thousands of children gain an edge on life.